How to get customer service from Vodafone

As you will see if you visit my posts on the Vodafone forum (now deleted, see below) I, among many others, had a problem with Vodafone and had a great deal of trouble getting any decent customer service.

I spent around three months telling the people at 191 about a technical fault with my account, during which time I was fobbed off continuously. In the end I discovered that there is a "secret" customer service department, who, if you manage to contact them, will sort out your problems quite quickly (they actually did, in a day or two, what the 191 staff had been telling me for three months that they were going to to do, but never did).

The trick, as it turned out, was first of all to go to, which purports (ha ha!) to be a direct line to the Vodafone UK CEO. While I did not get a call from Mr. Hoencamp himself, I was, finally, contacted by someone from Vodafone, who then gave me a number I could ring to report the fault - however I was told that I should not reveal this number to anyone, and should not use it again after my problem was sorted. The people at this number were, amazingly, extremely helpful and had the problem fixed within a week.

So . . . there is a Customer Complaints Department, but customers aren't allowed to have the contact details!!! (There is also a complaints website, or at least there is a valid URL which looks like a complaints web site - but guess what, it just gets redirected to the same old useless Contact Us page).

I went back to the forum and tried to post these details, but within a day or two both the link above (which, lets face it, is part of Vodafone's own web site) and the Secret Telephone Number had been "deleted by the moderator".
So I have set myself the task of making these details public somewhere that the Vodafone Forum Police can't get at, and as I'm not using my personal web space for anything at the moment, I thought that would be a good place to start. (I'm afraid I am one of those strange people who doesn't do Social Media). I don't know whether links to this site placed on the forum will also be redacted (update - yes they are!), but at least this page should be findable by anyone with a bit of Googling.

So. The Jeroen Hoencamp web site you have, and is a good place to start. If you want to go direct to the Secret Complaints Department, the number I was given is 03333 044766.

Finally, please feel free to publish this information, and/or links to this page, on social media or anywhere else you can think of, and do post something on the "How do I make a formal complaint to senior management?"
(now deleted, see below) thread of the Vodafone forum to let me know how you got on.

Good luck.
Dave Midgley
August 2015.

Update: Wow, the forum police have now deleted the entire thread (including several messages that I never got to read), so the link at the top of this page no longer works. However, there is another thread with, interestingly, exactly the same title. If you have any success with the information here, do post a message to let me know.
I have also written a long letter to Watchdog. If I get an interesting or useful reply I'll post the details on the forum and here. Why don't you do the same.
Keep fighting.
September 2015